F5J in Las Vegas Rules and Processes

The following clarifications/interpretations/processes will be implemented for the event:

Refer to the f5j-usa.com website to find the FAI rules at:  http://www.f5j-usa.com/f5j-rules/

  1. A pilotís meeting will occur at 7:30AM at the CD tent. First flight 8:00AM. The pilots meeting will be brief used only for clarification questions and points the CD desires to make. The goal is to ask any clarification questions to the organizers via email prior to the event.
  2. Be prepared for the start of the event, we WILL start the prep time at 8:00AM..
  3. Flyoffs are planned.
    1. The number of pilots planned for the flyoff will be per the FAI rules at 30% of the pilots to a maximum of 14.
    2. There will be 3 flyoff rounds if we get at least 8 rounds of preliminaries in. If we do not get 8 prelim rounds for any reason, we will continue the preliminaries without flyoffs.
    3. There will be about 30 minutes from the end of the prelims to the beginning of the flyoffs.
    4. If a contestant declines to fly in the flyoffs the next highest placing contestant in the preliminaries should be added to the flyoffs pilot list
  4. The last round will attempt to be completed before 6:00pm on the first day.
  5. Lanes will be assigned via the flight matrix.
  6. The F5J FAI no restart rule is waived.  In the event of a motor restart, the pilot will be given a zero score for the round.
  7. All other F5J rules shall be in effect.
  8. One speaker for every 2 flight stations shall be placed along the flight line - there should be no appreciable delay in the sound to any lane.
  9. In the event of a timing system announcement failure after the launch signal, we will call the group down and refly the group.
  10. In the event that a pilot flys out of turn (in a group he is not assigned), he will receive zero score for the round.  This is consistent with the process applied in Europe and WC events.
  11. Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. You need to follow both the letter and intent of the rules. Intentional unsportsmanlike conduct will result in either the disqualification of a flight or from the contest based on the gravity of the conduct.
  12. Safety Zones - The safety zones will consist of the launch corridor, the Officials Tent, the pit/spectator areas and the parking area. Simply put, if your aircraft hits any object in the safety zone you are penalized 300 points. If you hit a person in a safety zone, then you receive a 1000 point penalty. Penalties are permanent and cannot be removed by a throwout.
  13. Prep Time - 7 minutes. Once the prep time starts it will not be stopped unless the CD determines there is rightful cause.
  14. Allstakes/spikes/nails or similar things that are punched into the ground MUST have orange flagging on them to ensure removal. These things do bad things to the mowers and cutters, and we donít want to leave the field in poor condition with metal stakes.